The participation fees per person exclude VAT (VAT 3%).

  Early bird Full
Standard registration €700 €800
Students €320 €400
Conference dinner for accompanying people €80 €80
  • Author Registration = 22/04/2020

  • Early bird = until 01/06/2020


The registration fee includes access to the conference, coffee and refreshments, a lunch voucher and the conference dinner.

Invoicing in case of non-participation:
LIST must be informed of all absences/cancellations in writing as soon as possible by sending a mail to In the absence of different specific conditions, all cancellations are free up to 14 days before the event. All cancellations made after this deadline shall result in the payment of a sum calculated in the following way:

Number of days before the event Fees payable by the client
14-5 50% of the registration fee
4-1 80% of the registration fee

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